Harmonized Laser Technology Training across Europe


Reason for the Project:

The increasing need for developing new technologies, that allows the production of new items, characterized by higher quality level and performance, results in a high need for personnel capable of using advanced manufacturing processes for new materials, with a longer lifetime.

This projects supports EU polices of free movement of personnel providing equal training backgrounds, improves training quality and lifelong learning as well as qualification transparency and, more important, enhances employability. Worldwide laser industry reached in 2013 a growing 6 % compared to 2012 and also in the 2014 the forecast has foreseen a modest growth of 8 % . Laser welding manufacturing is one of the major increasing sector which in these years records in Europe.

Aims & Objetives

The main objective of this project is to provide the guidelines to develop harmonized courses within technological areas representing “hot spots” for the industry, dealing with welding. This objective will be achieved through the definition of educational materials for the training of personnel involved in LASERTECH implementation.