Harmonized Laser Technology Training across Europe




    CESOL is an Association of Persons and Companies, independent and non-profit, in the service of welding and other technologies union. The organization specializes in information, certification of people, products and processes, training, advice and technical assistance to industries that use welding and other technologies union. CESOL currently has 11 employees on the payroll.

    CESOL maintains permanent relations with virtually all Associations and National Institutes with similar characteristics throughout the world, either directly or through organizations: EWF, which is a member and IIW, providing one of the representatives in their national governing bodies.

    The Ministry of Fomento of Spain is in full contact with CESOL, awarding the entity within the terms of the project, as can be seen in the support letter attached to this document, signed by the Manager in charge for the implementation of EN 1090 harmonized standard as National body.

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    EWF is an European non-profit association which principal aims are:

    - to collaborate in the study and solution of welding-related problems encountered within its fields of competence;
    - to encourage projects for cooperative research and contribute to the removal of technical barriers;
    - to provide the exchange for scientific and technical information;
    - to prepare harmonised rules for the education and training of personnel involved in welding, joining and related technologies;
    - to act as the representative of the welding community in Europe.

    EWF, along with the relevant national welding organizations of 31 European countries, has made great efforts in updating and harmonization of training and education in the field of welding technology. It was a pioneer organisation in education and qualification, developing the first truly harmonized scheme embracing the European countries for the training of personnel at all levels, from crafts people to professional engineers.

    It started in the 1980’s an analysis of the existing levels of education in welding in the EU and EFTA countries and, upon the results, it was possible to define common harmonised levels of education, training and qualification.

    Aware of the importance of the mobility of labour within Europe, a lot of work has been put on the harmonisation of a standard examination system, to ensure that welding personnel trained in the EWF system is examined in a uniform way, allowing the implementation of the developed Certification system where the recognition of personnel skills is able according to the same minimum standard.

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    ISQ – Institute for Technology and Quality is a Portuguese private and independent organisation, not for profit, founded in 1965, which provides scientific and technological support and promotes ongoing improvement, innovation and the safety of people and property in Industry and Services, with an international presence and vocation, holding branches and companies in more than 40 countries worldwide, ensuring its sustainability and the development of its employees.

    ISQ delivers training courses from level 2 (basics) till level 8 (Post-graduation), skills assessments schemes and people certifications and also several solutions for companies focused on Human Capital Valorisation and “turnkey” training projects.

    We are specialists in technological training in quite innovative areas for all sectors where ISQ works and we complement the scope of technological training with transversal skills and knowledge, including entrepreneurial, pedagogical, behavioural and cognitive domains. Finding and providing alternative learning pathways and flexible training methodologies is part of our aim and of our daily activity, which is also the reason why ISQ has been involved in European Projects for more than 20 years.

    ISQ is certified under Quality, Environmental and Safety management according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, and is also an accredited body for training of trainers and teachers. ISQ is also accredited to certify people according to ISO 17024 and our laboratories are certified by ISO 17025

    ISQ belong also to ECVET national expert group and delivers ECVET workshops to different stakeholders in Portugal and in Europe.

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    In 2013 the reorganization of the Italian Institute of Welding was completed by creating IIS PROGRESS srl, the IIS Group company that carries out Education and Training, Laboratory and Research activities aimed at supporting industry in technological sustainable progress.

    The company operates through its headquarters in Genoa and the regional offices in Legnano (MI), Mogliano Veneto (TV), Modena (MO), Priolo Gargallo (SR), Taranto (TA) and Rome (RM).

    IIS PROGRESS performs the traditional activities of theoretical education and practical training of personnel in the field of joining techniques and non destructive testing and, at its Laboratory, performs analysis, testing and inspection of construction materials and components, provides technical assistance and accomplishes scientific studies, research and experiments dealing with welding and allied technologies and all their industrial applications.

    IIS PROGRESS currently employs about 45 people.

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    UPM is the largest Spanish technological university as well as a renowned European institution. It is outstanding in its research activity together with its training of highly-qualified professionals, competitive at an international level. More than 2,400 researchers carry out their activity at the UPM, grouped in 216 Research Groups, 10 Research Centers and 55 Laboratories, all of them committed to transforming the knowledge generated into advances applied to the production sector. The intense collaboration with governmental bodies and industry guarantees that research at the UPM offers real solutions to real-world problems. The dynamism of R&D&I activity at the UPM, together with the transfer of knowledge to society, is among its lines of strategy. These two commitments place it among the Spanish universities with the greatest research activity and first in the capture of external resources in a competitive regime. UPM has headed the Spanish Universities’ participation in the 7th European Framework Program with more than 280 projects and more than 80 M€ funding and is following the same path in the frame of H2020. Moreover, every year, UPM applies for around 40 patents and receives a similar number of concessions demonstrating a high commitment to innovation.

    The UPM Laser Centre (CLUPM) is a research institute with a wide experience in the participation and conduction of R&D&I Projects in the field of industrial laser processing applications. In particular, a wide experience has been developed in the field of laser matter interaction characterization and application to advanced metallic surface treatments and micromanufacturing applications, for which a deep process understanding has been gained through both numerical simulation and experimental characterization. Centro Laser UPM hosts important specific laser and robot facilities providing a convenient environment for laser driven processes development and PhD students formation, especially laser welding.

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    Founded in 1970, ISIM Timisoara is a centre of scientific and technical competence in the field of welding and material testing. Operating since 1999 as a national research & development institute, ISIM has in progress following activities:

    - Fundamental and applicative research in the field of welding and material testing.
    - Scientific counseling, expertise, prognosis, failure analysis, inspection.
    - Constructive development of welding equipment and material testing equipment.
    - Training of personnel.
    - Certification and quality assurance.
    - Dissemination of scientific and technical information.

    As a scientific institution with nationally and internationally acknowledgment, ISIM is the representative of Romania in the higher international forum in welding, International Institute of Welding (IIW).

    Also, through ISIM acts a Professional Training Centre, authorized at national level by the National Council for Adult Vocational Training and at European level by European Welding Federation.

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